MAC Holiday Collection: Glitter & Ice

Ahhhhhh so its that time of the year again .... MAC HOLIDAY COLLECTIONS are out and i cannot wait to unwrap some little gems on xmas day!
The collection this year is called 'glitter & ice' and it is BEAUT. The packaging is all white, sparkly and generally pretty.

There is the standard colour collection, gift sets and also 'dazzlespheres' which is 4 lipglosses/pigments or nail polishes that come in a clear sphere. SO COOL

Dazzlesphere in the shade 'Neutral'

I have definitely got one of the lipgloss dazzlespheres and one of the Lip bags which consists of a Lipstick, Lipgloss & Lip Liner. I chose the shade 'Wintercool'. The white lipstick are so gorgeous, makes a nice change from MAC's standard black packaging.

Lip bag in the shade 'Wintercool'

If you want to check this out or anymore of this collection, visit 
I am going to do a full review on all the products i get at Christmas. Excited.

Do you have anything from the MAC Holiday Collection that's worth a try?!

Kayleigh ...