My first ever blog post

Sooooo …. here goes.
Welcome to my blog, x-CoutureGirl-x.
Me :)
I have been wanting to set up my own beauty blog for AGES now, and have finally taken the plunge. I have a massive passion for all things beauty! As my collection of pretty products develops over time, so does my love for it!
I am beyond obsessed with trying out new products and sharing my thoughts with my friends, family and anyone who will listen to me blabbering on really. I have been inspired by various beauty bloggers and you tube beauty gurus who have made a huge success for themselves. I look at their blogs & videos and think “i could do that” so i thought what the heck.
Although i have a fairly large amount of make-up, i don’t have a HUGE collection. I want to start this blog based on the products i have been fortunate enough to try already, my favourite products so far, tips and tricks i’ve picked up along the way and the products i can’t wait to get my hands on. Although my blog will be mainly beauty based I am also interested in Fashion and Hair care so I plan to write about these things too!
I love a lot of different brands and am always willing to try something new and share what I think with other people. Perfect reason for me to start a blog.
Anyway, thats enough from me for now! I hope you will enjoy my reviews, pictures and thoughts on all things beauty!
Kisses, Kayleigh .. xo