H&M Nails

A while back I bought one of the H&M nail polishes. It was such a bargain I couldn't resist! I think the one I got was £2.99 and I have to say I'm impressed with the colour pay-off and coverage for the price! Who doesn't love a good bargain?

I got the colour 'wawawoom' (random) and it is a gorgeous shimmery gold colour. I am a sucker for anything shimmery, sparkly and pretty. I also have a thing for gold. It poops all over silver in my books so this was a winner for me!
The bottle of the polish is lovely and pretty big considering how cheap it is. I also love the bold 'Nail Polish' writing on the front and the big black lid.

When I painted my nails I was impressed with how opaque the colour was. I was excepting a see-through type shimmer with loads of glitter and no background colour. How wrong was I? This paints on to the nails evenly, smoothly and a lovely opaque gold with LOADS of shimmery shine. I did two coats but only to see if it made any difference. It did look slightly better after two coats but it wasn't essential. There is just the right amount of shimmer too and my nails reflected the light beautifully.
I am very happy with my purchase and I will be returning to H&M to pick up some more of these little beauties.
Excuse the mess of my nails in the pictures below! I wear acrylic nails and I am due an infill so they are looking a bit shabby at the moment. I also painted them mega fast as I just wanted to get the pictures quickly!

Do you have any of the H&M nailpolishes you would recommend?

Thanks for reading,