I think these posts are called Outfit of the day? ♥

Thought I'd do my first ever outfit post! I've noticed a lot of people do this on their blogs and gave me some inspiration.

Another reason I want to do this is because I haven't got around to doing any make-up 'looks' as of yet (been SO busy) so I kind of feel no-one really knows what i look like!
When I'm reading someones blog I like to see pictures of them so I can put a face to the writing. It gives the blog a more personal touch as you can sort of imagine the person actually writing it instead of just looking at loads of words.

I definitely enjoy looking at other peoples outfit pictures! It's nice to see what people wear and get a few ideas for outfits of my own. The pictures of this outfit were taken when my mum & step-dad came to visit me and my boyfriend in Newcastle. (I'm from Cumbria originally, I moved to Newcastle for uni). We went for a meal and drinks so I got kind of dressy but not TOO dressy! I guess its kind of a 'Rock Chick' look. I did my hair different to my usual style too. I went for a quiff and high pony-tail instead of my usual down & wavy doo!

Anyway, I'm rambling as per! I hope everyone has had a lovely day. I've had a PJ day watching Christmas films on the sofa! Ahhhhh Bliss. Back to work tomorrow though, bummer.

Top - Topshop 

Leggings - Topshop

Shoe Boots - Boohoo

Scarf - Primark