My MAC lipstick collection

At the minute I have 12 MAC lipsticks. I used to have more than this but over time I have lost numerous lipsticks on nights out. I have learnt from this though and NEVER take my expensive lipsticks out now.

On the picture above from Left to Right I own -

*M.A.C Red
*Costa Chic
*Sandy B
*Girl About Town
*Saint Germain
*Pink Nouveau
*Mellow Mood (Limited Edition)

I absolutely LOVE MAC lipsticks, they are definitely one of the best products MAC has to offer and I would definitely recommend everyone to at least try one. I used to have Snob and Hue as well which were both gorgeous but i got drunk and lost them :( dooooh! I couldn't possibly pick a favourite out all the lipsticks i own as they are all so different.

I mainly own bright lipsticks as i am obsessed with big, bright lips. I think it totally brightens up my face and defines my lips better than nude/pale colours. I have ordered a 'Creme de Nude' though which I have heard it a perfect nude shade so hopefully I will be converted. I did absolutely LOVE 'Hue' before i lost it which gave the lips a nice nude sheen!

Does anyone recommend any other shades of MAC lipstick? I definitely want to try as many as I can.