Never buy false lashes on Ebay . . .

I was beginning to get really annoyed with spending a small FORTUNE on false eyelashes. Every time I go out it was another trip to Superdrug or boots to stock up on the lashes. At £5.00 a pack it isn't exactly breaking the bank but when I need a couple of packs a week, it soon adds up.

Sooooo, I was sat bored browsing beauty products on Ebay one night and kept seeing huge packs of false eyelashes for around £2.00! I was like noooo way but thought i'd order them anyway to see what they were like.
The pack I ordered were about £3.00 including postage and came with 10 pairs of lashes. Obviously a lot cheaper than I would normally pay for one pair. They were being delivered from China or somewhere and they looked pretty good on the pictures.

They didn't take long to arrive in the post and came packaged in this pink box. As you can see, although a bit strange the packaging is pretty cute.
I had such high hopes for them cause i though if i've found a bargain here and don't have to keep spending a bomb on lashes every time i go out i will be a verryyy happy girl. Unfortunately this wasn't the case. This is what i saw when i opened the box .....

Ew, Ew, Ew ..... HOW GROSS?! I was totally disappointed when i saw them. How plastic and fake and naff do they look? :( Oh well, i can't really expect amazing things for £2.00 but I did have hope. I am not even going to upload a picture of how they looked on my eyelid. I looked like some sort of cheap stripper with massive spiders hanging off my eyelids. So unnatural looking and they don't even bend to the shape of your eye like most other lashes do.

I can 100% say I will be sticking to my Eyelure lashes which are the best lashes EVER. Totally realised they are worth the £5.00 after using these shocking things. Never ordering from Ebay again.