I keep getting asked which fake tan I use so thought it was the perfect opportunity to blog .....

I absoloutely swear by 'St.Moriz' which is basically a badly named rip off of the iconic 'St.Tropez' brand! I have tried St.Tropez in the past and in my opinion, this is so much better! With it only costing £2.99 I am obviously verryyy happy about the fact it works well for me! Saves me a LOT of dollar!

My tan Stash.
This tan comes in a white bottle with a pump. The bottle is a bit tacky looking, but I can look past that as the product inside works wonders. It pumps out as a mousse which I think is really handy, much easier to work with than liquid or cream tans. It shows where you are applying the colour too so you can make sure you are streak-free. Again, much handier than some tans that are applied as a white cream or liquid :S (never understood that!).

It gives me a lovely golden brown colour instead of orange which a lot of other brands can! My tan routine before a night out involves me applying a layer of St.Moriz before bed after I've showered, washing it off the next morning and then applying another layer to develop during the day! Most of the time, this is enough tan but if I do want a deeper colour I use 'Rimmel instant tan' in Matte (I hate shimmery tan!)

Rimmel tan is a wash-off tan which is sometimes a bit of a nightmare if your on a night out and the heavens decide to open! Streaky tan is not a good look and I have experienced it many times, sat in the toilets attempting to make my tan look some-what normal with tissue paper. This is definitely a bad point with this tan! However, I find it perfect if I've totally forgot to use my St.Moriz and need a quick-fix tan!

Me all tanned up!

Is there any fake tans that you would recommend?! 

Kisses, Kayleigh..