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Giveaway - I need your help

So, as I said a few posts ago, I'm planning on doing a giveaway as a thankyou to everyone who has followed my blog! I really do appreciate it and love reading all your comments. A lot of people don't understand or 'get' my obesession with beauty products as it's just not their 'thing'. I think everyone has something they have a passion for and this is mine. It's nice to be able to blog about my interests, share it with you all and know that you will find what I have to say interesting and helpful (Or so I hope!).

Anyway, as I'm new to this whole blogging world I wondered if you could help. Basically, I want to know how I will choose the winner of my giveaway? This might sound SO stupid and it's probably really simple but I obviously want to choose the winner in a fair way? I've tried searching a few other blogs and I can't really figure out how they decide?

Also, while I'm on the topic of a giveaway, I'd love it if you could post i…

Superdrug LASH Collection

I was on my usual hunt for Eyelure in Superdrug the other day and I couldn't find one single pair of my beloved 107's. I was going out that night and being the Lash fan that I am, had to find some.  

I was searching through all the lashes when I came across a new brand called 'LASH' by Superdrug. The name is completely un-original I know but the lashes looked remarkably similar to Eyelure. As there were no Eyelure up for grabs I decided to give them a go. There was a large range of styles to choose from, from natural to double lashes. Again, very similar to Eyelure. I opted for 'Volume Edition 21' as they looked the most comparable to the style I would normally wear. They were £4.49 so around £1.00 cheaper than Eyelure.

My Thoughts: After using these lashes, I have to say they are the most comparable lashes to Eyelure I am yet to find. I usually hate any other lashes as I find them hard to apply and generally fake looking. I even hate MAC lashes as I find them to…


This is going to be a super-quick post about a huge bargain I got my hands on the other day. Well-known bargain perfume shop, 'The Perfume Shop' have now opened a shop within Newcastle city-centre's Superdrug. (As if there wasn't enough temptation in the place already!) Anyway, I was casually wandering around Superdrug longing for all the gorgeous products when I spotted a sign saying "UNDER £20" on the Perfume Shop display. Beneath the display was a selection of perfumes that are normally pretty expensive. These included Marc Jacobs, Juicy Couture and Vera Wang. I thought, NO WAY can any of these perfumes be less than £20. Not only were they gorgeous *expensive* perfumes but they were all in gift set form. 

I wandered over to the girl behind the counter and asked how much the Vera Wang 'Lovestruck' gift-set was. Expecting her to retaliate with £40.00 or something ridiculous like that, she said, "it's on special offer for £19.99". I was t…

New Year - New Beauty Resolutions

This post is going to be my first ever tag for you all to do. I tag each and every one of you to do this post on your own blog as I think it is a fun idea and something I would enjoy reading. So here goes ...

As it's the New Year, I thought it time to break some of my bad Beauty and Lifestyle habits. I am constantly saying I'm going to do this, or I'm going to to that but it NEVER happens. So what better time to try and make a few changes than the start of a New Year. New year,  new me as a lot of people may say. I have SO many bad beauty and lifestyle habits (slap on the wrist for me) that this post would be huge if i wrote about them all. I have managed to narrow it down to the top five I want to begin or improve on this year. Enjoy .... 


I work in one for goodness sake. For those of you who don't know, I am currently working as a receptionist in a leisure centre while I figure out what I want to do with my life. A perk of the job is free gym membership. …

Review: Sigma High Definition Kabuki brushes

For christmas, I asked my boyfriend if he would get me a couple of Sigma brushes. I'd been eyeing them up for AGES and heard some amazing reviews. I decided I needed to try a new brand of brushes as MAC are just SO expensive and I couldn't justify spending £20-£30 on a brush.

Anyway, my boyfriend agreed to buy me a couple as part of my christmas present which I was very pleased about. I had a look on the Sigma website and their prices were unbelieveable. They were SO cheap compared to the MAC brushes I was thinking about buying. However, what I didn't realise when I first went on the Sigma website is that they are an American company so all the prices were in dollars. This wasn't too much of an issue as I could easily work out how much they would cost in pounds. There was one slightly bigger issue though. As the brushes would be delivered from America, it was going to cost around £30 just for the shipping. I thought, if I'm going to spend that much on postage, I may…

OOTD - 2011 Round Up

So I know I've only been doing my blog since November but I've seen a few people doing round-ups of their fave outfits from 2011 and I wanted to do the same! 
I thought it would be a nice way for you all to see my style and what I got up to this past year before I started my blog. I am going to try and include where I wore each outfit beneath the picture.

These are just a selection of my favourite outfits over the past year. I love seeing outfit posts as it gives me inspiration! I hope you enjoy and get to know me slightly better whilst reading ...

This was back in January 2011 when my friend Debra came to visit me in Newcastle for a night out. We had a fab night!
Top - Topshop Pants - Miss Selfridge Shoes - Topshop

I wore this dress when I went for a night out in Liverpool with friends. It was an absolute BARGAIN and only cost me £20 in the French Connection sale. It was originally £140.
Dress - French Connection

I wore this dress to my friend's step-mums 40th birthday party in Ap…

Mini Illamasqua Haul

I've never actually tried any of the Illamasqua products before so these are my first *shock*. They were having an amazing sale on their website and I just couldn't resist picking up a couple of things. I only ended up with two things so i guess it's not really a 'haul'. I could of bought loads from looking at the pictures but I decided to just get a couple at first to see if I liked what I received.

Firstly, I have got to say it came beautifully packaged. It came in a pretty standard black box but when I opened it up it was full of tissue paper, the boxes the products themselves were in were gorgeous and they also threw in a free sample of their new 'Freak' perfume. I tried out the perfume and it was a touch too floral for me which always reminds me of Grandma scents. I thought this was a nice touch though considering I bought my items in the sale. It's nice to know they still make the same effort for their customers regardless of how much money you are…

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Back in the summer of 2011 I decided I was completely fed up of having to clip-in my hair extensions all the time. All you hair extension wearers will know it is a bit of a chore having to clip in and out every time we want a bit more length or volume. As it was my 21st birthday and graduation in the summer, I decided as part of my birthday present I would get some fitted hair extensions. I'd seen a lot of other girls with bonded, wefted or micro-ring extensions and heard some great reviews so I took the plunge and decided to get some myself. Just to let everyone know, I don't actually have these extensions currently. As I say, this was six months ago so way before I started this blog. However, I thought the information would be useful to know regardless if I have them in now or not. Of course if I had been blogging at the time, I would of done a full review anyway so I guess we'll just call this a belated review.

I got the extensions done in Newcastle by a girl who visits …

New Year's Eve OOTN & EOTN

Just a quick OOTN & EOTN from last night seen as I'm on a roll with my blogging today. Outfit of the night and Eye of the night incase anyone is confused. I know these are common posts on here but when I first started I didn't have a clue so I thought I better clarify that just in case. It is a lot easier than spelling it out every time though. I've never done an eye look post before either, so here goes.. there's a first for everything.

I had a lovely New Year's Eve, me, my boyfriend and his parents went out in Newcastle for a gorgeous chinese banquet at one of my fave restaurants. Duck Pancakes Mmmmm yum! We then went to the Malmaison hotel to celebrate the clock turning midnight. We also had a walk along the Millennium bridge in Newcastle which looked gorgeous. Then back to the flat for more drinks. Perfect.

I am in my dressing gown for the eye look pictures (I was getting ready) so don't be alarmed, my fashion sense isn't that bad.


Dress - Miss Se…