Mini Illamasqua Haul

I've never actually tried any of the Illamasqua products before so these are my first *shock*. They were having an amazing sale on their website and I just couldn't resist picking up a couple of things. I only ended up with two things so i guess it's not really a 'haul'. I could of bought loads from looking at the pictures but I decided to just get a couple at first to see if I liked what I received.

Firstly, I have got to say it came beautifully packaged. It came in a pretty standard black box but when I opened it up it was full of tissue paper, the boxes the products themselves were in were gorgeous and they also threw in a free sample of their new 'Freak' perfume. I tried out the perfume and it was a touch too floral for me which always reminds me of Grandma scents. I thought this was a nice touch though considering I bought my items in the sale. It's nice to know they still make the same effort for their customers regardless of how much money you are spending. 

Anyway, onto the products ....

As I said, I only picked up two things, the Illumine Oil in the shade 'Pulse' which I have wanted to try forever and the Powdered Metal in the shade 'Erzule'. This caught my eye as I'd never heard of a powdered metal before and it promised to make the shin sheen in the description. (I have a small obsession with glowy, highlighted skin). it also came with a powder puff to apply it with, which I doubt I will use. I managed to pick up the Oil for £7.50 which is a HUGE bargain. This normally retails at £32.00 which I could never justify spending before. The powdered metal cost me £10.00 and normally retails at £22.50 so again a great saving with over 50% off. I could of gone absolutely mad on the sale stuff but as I say I refrained from spending too much.

The sale is actually still on with all sale items ranging from £5.00 to £20.00 so if anyone would like to check in out, visit the Illamasqua website here -

I can't wait to test these products out and let you know my thoughts. I have quickly swatched them and they look absolutely beautiful. Very glam and glowy.

Have you picked anything up from the Illamasqua sale or are you considering having a little splurge? Let me know what you think. On first impressions, I'll definitely be purchasing from them again.

Lots of Love, Kayleigh..